Pellus Vakas

A swashbuckling bounty hunter who lost everything in the old world, and is moved to find a new beginning in the new world.


Pellus and his family lived in the cities where the first signs of war began. Within the first few days of attacks, his entire family and community were lost. He and his uncle, Aithen, were the only survivors. Aithen was a mercenary who was hired as an escort during the First Great Expedition, and had just returned to the city days before the war broke. He told wonderful stories of his adventures, battles, and the sites of the new world. He always carried with him an alabaster mask that he brought back, but did not like to speak of it and only briefly in a moment of candor mentioned that it gave him purpose.

Pellus joined his uncle’s mercenary cohort, The Grey Ravens. During the war, Pellus and Aithen aided the war effort in a number of engagements, but were primarily used as bounty hunters employed in tracking down deserters, suspected conspirators, and the like. Pellus enjoyed the chase, and the privileges that came with the authority of the state but not having to answer directly to the governing body. Their jobs led them to become well known in the underworld, and develop many working relationships, and many rivalries. As they developed their skills and connections, they didn’t shy away from taking odd jobs that would further their connections and getting some extra lining in their pockets.

When the war ended, The Grey Ravens were hired by the Elven kingdoms to provide policing duty during the rebuilding effort. Two months ago, during a normal patrol there was an construction explosion that caused a building collapse, mortally injuring Aithan. In his last moments, Aithan got a few last, sputtered words out about the importance of his prized mask and how Pellus needed to return to the new world, placing the mask in Pellus’ hand. He did not understand, as Aithan never spoke of the mask and he had always assumed that it was just a memento.

With the last of his family gone, Pellus had nothing left in the old world. He set off to the new world to seek a new life, and to seek the purpose his uncle found from his prized mask.

Pellus Vakas

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