Hollis Wyndham Ingram III

A wild-eyed teen brandishing a wooden training sword, he flees the old world for the new, seeking adventure and a place to belong.


Hollis Wyndham Ingram III was born to a wealthy human family, titled landowners with a distinguished lineage. At least that’s what the monks who took him in at the age of 4 would tell him when he fell behind the other students his age, just to remind him that it meant nothing now.

When the human armies reached the ruins of the remote summer home of the Ingram family, they found 4 year-old Hollis hiding in a cupboard beneath the stairs. The passing patrol was in no shape to care for a small child, and he was left at the closest fortified structure; a secluded walled monastery. The monastery was home to a small order of priests and monks dedicated to the philosophy of the Sun Soul, a sect dedicated to Pelor who believes that a small portion of the Sun inhabits the soul of every being, shining as brightly as one’s faith allows.

Hollis spent the first few years at the temple as a servant, cleaning the temple in exchange for a cot, bread, and water. When he was 8, he amused some of the priests by mimicking the training warrior-monks, acting out sword-katas with a broomhandle.

Hollis began weapons training at the age of 10 when the kensei monks he would mirror noticed that he was picking up the maneuvers faster than most of the teenage students. Soon it was noticed while sparring that he struck with unusually powerful blows while focused on training. Further testing by the priests of Pelor showed an innate spark of druidic magic that fueled his strikes, and they were especially pleased when it was found that Pelor had blessed the boy with powers of innate fire and radiant light.

When he was 13 the temple was attacked directly attacked by a large force of undead, the existence of a temple of warrior-monks dedicated to the god of the Sun was a threat the undead could not abide. The followers of Pelor held the walls for a week, but the undead do not tire, and the temple was overrun. Hollis escaped to the coast with one of his masters to a secluded cove where the master monk bargained passage for Hollis aboard a sailing vessel carrying refugees up and down the coast to wherever the fighting had died down most recently, and shortly after it was announced that the war had formally ended. Hollis didn’t know where to go, as he found no one who had even heard of his former home, the temple purposely being secluded, and he transferred from ship to ship, trading work for food and passage, his only permanent possession the well-worn wooden training sword he had carved in his time at the temple.

When Hollis was 16 a call went out for adventurers to explore the New World, and he was lucky enough to be able to call in a favor from a Dragonborn captain he sailed with a few times. Hollis once again traded work for passage, aiming for this to be the last time, and set sail to see what this new continent held in store.

Things seldom go smoothly for Hollis, however, and his ship was attacked as it approached the shore, nearly being sunk by Sahaugin. And on his first night in the New World, the crew and passengers were attacked on the shore by a host of undead and swarms of carrion bugs.

Hollis remembered his teachings and dashed along the shore, focusing his radiant strikes on the Shadows that prowled in the darkness, dispatching a half-dozen himself and assisting as much of the crew to safety as he could.

Hollis hoped day two in the New World would be a bit brighter, and would do what it took to make sure it was.

Hollis Wyndham Ingram III

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