Aesop "Ace" Kamara

A Human Wizard who served with an Elven detatchment during the war, tasked with securing and preserving Elven lore and artifacts lost in overrun territories. After the war, a search for meaning leads him to the New World.


Ace stands just over 6 foot tall, thin but not slight of build. Black hair and a black beard are sharply cut with grey-white on his right side, where his face is scarred with necromantic withering. This scarring extending to a cloudy white, now-useless right eye, in stark contrast to a bright emerald green left eye.

Ace’s clothing tends to be plain and utilitarian save for a faded, well-worn elven military jacket, one size too small, a keepsake from wartime.

A military-style rucksack strapped to his back and a belt lined with several pouches, his gear seems that of a traveler or soldier, a heavy-hilted dagger strapped to his hip.


Ace Kamara was born into a small human village near the Elven forests, and like many humans today his entire life was spent surrounded by and shaped by the Undying War. Humans were pushed to find their role in the military as children, and Ace spent most of his waking hours in the small library of his town poring over the few tomes of wizardly lore it had accumulated.

By age 12 he had found a position in a triage-camp maintaining equipment with mending cantrips, and when battlemages would pass through Ace would trade favors and whatever real non-ration food he could gather for glances and peeks into spellbooks and scrolls. A few years later at the age of 15 Ace jumped at the opportunity to tag along with an elven forward-unit, investigating previously overrun elven temples and libraries for any salvageable tomes or artifacts.

When it became evident that most of the undead armies that swept through these areas were mindless zombies and skeletons with no interest in books, but that if left unattended these areas would be picked over by opportunistic looters, this initial assignment of lore preservation became a priority for the elven forces. A permanent special-forces detatchment was created, and Ace was given an honorary rank of Specialist Acanist in the elven military to serve with this new unit.

The commander of this unit was Celes d’Aerenstar, an adventuring wizard who was a part of the first The First Great Expedition, and came back obsessed with researching the primal nature of the magical weave. Celes took Ace under her wing in the first few months of their serving together, as they both relished the opportunity to pore over the ancient texts between missions. Ace’s knowledge and power grew in 5 years of service, choosing to follow Celes’ research path into the mechanics and intricacies of magic instead of specialization in a single school. Over these years, the closeness of military encampments and long nights of campfire reading fostered a relationship between the two Wizards, and when the war was declared as over, they married on the steps of Ace’s hometown library.

As it often occurs, a political declaration of an end to hostilities can take weeks to spread to all fronts of a war-torn area, and when you add in the complications necromantically-conjured undead, there were several months of reports of pockets of undead creatures being discovered. Three months after their wedding, Ace and Celes allowed themselves a sort of honeymoon at a secluded lakefront research library deep in the elven woods. On the third night of their stay, the couple was ambushed by a pack of near-feral vampire spawn and a ghost. Ace was badly wounded, losing his right eye to the necrotic touch of the ghost. Celes was possessed and forced to stand motionless while she was torn apart by the vampire spawn. Ace attributed his survival to an intensely warm heat radiating from his pocket, a shard of obsidian from the first expedition to the New World given as a wedding gift from his wife. It burst with radiant heat at the moment of his wife’s death, destroying the undead creatures instantly. The shard has remained unnaturally warm since that day.

In the several years since, Ace rededicated himself to magical research. When the call went out for The Second Great Expedition to the Eastern New World, Aesop Kamara was one of the first to sign on, equal parts leaving his past behind and seeking new meaning, and new magic, in the New World.

Aesop "Ace" Kamara

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