Unified Kingdoms

A coalition of the major races who banded together to stop the Undying Threat. After the war in an attempt to prevent their kingdoms from devolving into local wars a ruling council was elected, each with a member to represent their races interests. This ruling council governs the continent as official borders have been disbanded.

                Dwarves: Auldhid Stormbreaker – Male

                Elves: Adrie Goldpetal – Female

                Halfling: Milo Sparrowing – Male

                Human: Chondra Shand – Female

                Dragonborn: Shedinn – Male

                Gnome: Ellyjobell Lifesaver – Female

                Half-Elf: Represented by the Humans

                Half-Orc: Represented by the Dragonborn

                Tiefling: Kallista Oathkeeper – Female

Unified Kingdoms

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