Lord Giles Ellingsworth

A human noble who wanted for nothing. He left everything behind to journey to the new world and new challenges.


Giles Ellingsworth grew up as the only child of Lord Viktor Ellingsworth, a wealthy lord who ruled over a modest human village. Giles spent his childhood accompanying his father on weekly hunts and quickly found that he had a knack for it. As the years went on he found that there wasn’t a beast that he couldn’t track and take down. His father, noticing an exploitable talent, entered Giles into numerous competitions and paraded him around trying to bring more notoriety to his already established name.

When Giles was 15, the war had come, he found that all of his closest friends were being shipped off to join the effort. Thanks to a generous donation from Lord Viktor, the human forces looked past the Ellingsworth Estate every time the recruiters came to town looking for ‘volunteers’ to join the fight. Giles knew he had to do something to help with the war effort, but by his fathers orders he was never permitted to leave town, save for the occasional hunt or competition. So Giles begun training the townsfolk to hunt, fight, and survive in the wild. He figured that if he could provide his people the means to survive when they were drafted then he could at least be helping in some way.

The years went on, and as the war began to decline, Giles found that so was the health of his father. Stricken by some ailment that the finest clerics and healers that money could buy couldn’t figure out. Less than six months after the war had ended so did the life of Lord Viktor Ellingsworth. As his only heir, Giles Ellingsworth took over the head of his house and he finally had the freedom that he was after for decades.

Lord Giles Ellingsworth spent the next few years doing basically whatever he wanted. He traveled around the known world, learning what he could from other cultures, hunting each kingdoms most evasive creatures, and learning that there was so much more outside the gates of Ellingsworth Estate. After taking in everything the old world had to offer Lord Giles once again found himself restless and feeling like the trapped child that wasn’t allowed to leave his town.

The talk of the town for months now had been the preparation of the new fleets of ships heading across the ocean. The Second Great Expedition they called it. Giles knew that if he wanted to truly experience something new he had to leave everything behind and make his way to the new world.

Lord Giles Ellingsworth

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